Bitcoin Bonus Code
Discover all you need to know about betting with bitcoin at online casino sites and where to find the cool Bitwin Bonus Code 2020.


Bitwin Bonus Code 2020

BitWin is currently not available to UK players, but there is an offer for players from other countries. You can find all the details below.

Discover some of the things you can expect from the new BitWin Bitcoin site and what you will be able to do as a customer account holder – whether you need a BitWin bonus code 2020 or not.

Although there a plenty of online casino sites – and now a number of sites that accept bitcoin as a betting currency – rumours of a new one always gets online punters excited. The main reason for the eager anticipation is that with a new betting site comes bigger and better promotions and offers.

All online casino sites want as many customers as possible and they know that a good way to get them is to start off with a bang – and offer an eye-catching welcome promotion.

But by looking at some of the other bitcoin casino sites on the market we can take a good guess at what we are likely to see once the site does go live – and also how the Bitwin bitcoin site can stand out from the rest.

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What Do We Know About the BitWin Bitcoin Site?

The short answer to that question is not much at all really. At the time of writing the site consists of a holding page promising the launch of the online casino sometime in 2020. We also know that they are planning on having a sportsbook as well as a casino section.

This is interesting news in itself as many of the other bitcoin casino sites concentrate on table games, slots and the like without encroaching into the sports betting market as well. We will be concentrating on the possible casino section of the site in this preview but the fact that a sportsbook section is planned suggests that the people at BitWin are expecting big things from the site.

BitWin Bonus Code Details

You can find some BitWin bonus code details in the table below.

BitWinDetailsBitWin Bonus Code T&Cs
BitWin Welcome BonusTBA18+, Terms apply
Bitcoin currency acceptedYes18+, Terms apply
Casino sectionTBA18+, Terms apply
BitWin mobile appTBA18+, Terms apply
BitWin bonus codeGet the code!18+, Terms apply

Will There Be a BitWin Bitcoin Welcome Offer?

It would be very surprising if BitWin did not offer some kind of welcome promotion for new customer account holders – especially when they first launch. There is already a place on the holding page of the website where you can leave your email address to pre-register for offers, so a welcome gift is surely a given.

Many of the online casino sites have fairly similar welcome promotions and there is nothing to suggest that the BitWin bitcoin site will not be offering the industry standard. They may look to make a big splash by offering a promotion far bigger than anyone else, but the likelihood is that they will look at what is out there already and go with much the same kind of offer.

Will a BitWin Bonus Code 2020 Be Needed?

This is more of a coin toss. Some online casino sites like to produce a bonus code for potential customers to use when they register for a new account. These can be found quite easily and will unlock whatever welcome offer they have.

But sometimes the site will feel no need to do this and there may not be any need for a Bitwin bonus code 2020 to activate whatever welcome offer they decide to go with.

Keeping up to date with all the news about the BitWin bitcoin site is the great way to know whether a bonus code will be needed when they launch or not. Make sure you know though as you won’t want to miss out on the promotion come launch day.

What Can We Expect From the BitWin Site?

As we mentioned earlier, it looks like there will be some kind of sportsbook element to the new site which will be interesting. But when it comes to the casino section of the site there are a few things that we can be almost certain of seeing once it all goes live.

There is sure to be a good selection of jackpots and slots available to customers. Usually there is a nice mix of old favourites as well as all the latest big name games. If Bitwin is anything like some of the other bitcoin casino sites they will also have the first ever bitcoin themed game – Satoshi’s Secret.

But if the more traditional casino games are more your thing then you are likely to find all the big table games available – with a number of variants of each to suit any taste and budget.
You can expect to see a good choice of roulette, baccarat and blackjack games on the new site, along with a number of poker and video poker options as well. And for customer account holders after an even more authentic casino experience, there could even be some live games on offer where you interact with real life dealers in a realistic setting.

Whatever the final site looks like you should be able to find just what you want to play as BitWin will not want you going elsewhere to play your favourite games.


Why Bitcoins?

There are a number of casino sites out now that accept bitcoins as a betting currency – and many of them make a big thing of that fact. The simple truth is that the use of bitcoins as a currency is ideal for online betting sites.

As a digital currency that has no actual physical format, it makes the depositing and withdrawing quicker – which is obviously a plus point for any customers. Due to the nature of bitcoins there is also more anonymity which may suit some account holders but that level of security also means that is much less likely that they will be susceptible to any fraud.

Although when you join up with any online betting site you should always do your research, the lower fees connected to bitcoin as compared with more traditional payment methods makes a casino site that deals in bitcoins even more attractive.

Provably Fair

Another one of the big attractions to online casino sites that deal with bitcoins is that many of them have a technology called Provably Fair enabled on their games which means that it is impossible for any cheating to be carried out on behalf of the player or the casino.

In other online sites and land based casinos there is the ability for the casino to cheat the customer if they feel so inclined. Provably fair technology means that cannot happen on a bitcoin site meaning that they are obviously more trustworthy and reliable for account holders.

You will be able to know whether the BitWin bitcoin site will incorporate provably fair technology as it is a big selling point to all potential customer account holders and you can be sure that they will let you know that it is the case.


How to Set Up a Bitcoin Account?

As the BitWin site is yet to go live we cannot say for certain how you go about signing up for a new account. We do know that there is no way you will be able to play without one – and that the process is fairly uniform across all sites so you should not have any issues registering with BitWin.

But we do know that as the site is open to dealing in bitcoins that any customers will need to first set up a bitcoin account to be able to use it as a currency on the site.

Setting up a bitcoin account is very simple. You will need to set up an online bitcoin wallet where you can store your digital currency. There are a number of software packages that you can download to enable this or you may be able to use a web based wallet.

Once that is set up you can gain bitcoins to be used with your customer account at BitWin and explore all the casino games that will be available. As we said before, you will also probably be able to get more bitcoins by signing up for a BitWin account and activating their welcome promotion.

BitWin Mobile

Bitwin is sure to have some kind of mobile element (probably Android or iOS) to their site. If they are happy to embrace the future and use a digital currency such as bitcoin they are definitely going to provide customer account holders with the ability to bet on the go.

There may not be a need for an actual downloadable app but you will be able to find the BitWin site through your mobile browser on a smartphone or tablet. The presentation may even be optimised for a mobile screen but whatever it looks like it will be able to give you more freedom with your betting and be synced up with the account you access on your home computer or laptop.

Banking at BitWin

We have concentrated on bitcoin betting in this preview but if BitWin are like any of the other online casino sites that accept the digital currency then you can be safe in the knowledge that more traditional payment methods will be accepted as well.

You will probably be able to convert your euros into bitcoins as well but any betting will likely be able to be carried out thanks to deposits using debit and credit cards, e-wallets and bank transfers as well as bitcoins.

BitWin Customer Support

You may feel that you need some kind of help once you sign up for a customer account with the new BitWin site – especially given the use of a digital currency such as bitcoins. But in all likelihood, the site will be very easy to use and you probably won’t have any major issues.

But if you do there will no doubt be a customer support team on hand to deal with any problems that you may face.

BitWin Bitcoin

With little in the name of facts when it comes to the forthcoming BitWin site there is obviously not much we can definitively expect when the site is launched later in the year.

But with any new online casino site there is always a flurry of excitement as we wait to see what will be offered in way of a welcome gift – and whether a BitWin bonus code 2020 is needed or not.

One thing is for sure – we will soon know what the site is like. And more importantly, we will know what kind of welcome promotion is offered to entice new customers.